Swimming in the Heart of the Sun – vocals

With the piano and organ tracks recorded, next came adding the vocals. Having enjoyed soprano Janet Marie Chvatal’s work with Jeff Johnson I sought to do something in a similar vein. I floated the idea to my sister Kari Heise who is an excellent musician with a lovely soprano voice. She thought it would be fun, so we arranged to have a recording session the next time she same for a visit (she lives in Edmonton, Alberta whereas I live in Regina, Saskatchewan). When the opportunity came we set up in the basement of Christ Lutheran Church and proceeded to spend one afternoon recording her vocals.

I decided that the vocals would be in Latin. I thought using this language that was long the language of worship in Western Civilization, and is related to so many European languages would help emphasize the universality of this prayer. I had also thought of using Aramaic, the original language Jesus would have used, but wasn’t sure we could master the pronunciation.

Kari took the various Latin phrases of the Lord’s Prayer, and improvised her vocals based on the keyboard tracks already in existence. She did an amazing job and in that one afternoon session we had the vocals recorded for the whole project. The next thing was the editing of all these tracks, but that wouldn’t happen for many months, partly because I was working on other projects (such as Dreams & Visions), and partly because of my busy work life. One final post to come about how the project got completed.