Dreams & Visions played on New York radio station

Chris MacIntosh, aka “Grandfather Rock, has a radio show called Rock N Soul Gospel on WCWP (88.1 FM) in New York. I met Chris at KindlingsFest this summer. He was interested in Dreams & Visions, and took a copy back with him to New York. It was very cool hearing Chris play some tracks from my CD, and read some of the poetry from the CD booklet!  Here is what Chris had to say about Dreams & Visions:

I have been listening to the album “Dreams & Visions” by Canadian artist Dennis Hendricksen quite a lot lately. It reminds me of the first time I heard albums like “Things We Like” by Jack Bruce or “Bitches Brew” by Miles Davis. It is a brilliant collection of instrumental pieces woven together by a common thread. If the music were all there was to it that would be enough but the packaging just adds to the overall excellence of the whole thing. With quotes from Mark Heard and Bruce Cockburn as well as a poem by Charles Williams This is a package which just screams excellence in every way.

One can listen to this radio show anywhere via the internet: http://www.wcwp.org/  The show is broadcast on Fridays at 9 PM EST, or Sundays at 5 PM EST.  I have listened to Chris’ show a few times and he plays a wide variety of interesting music – worth checking out.