Coming Soon – Reviews

I am excited to say that very soon I will be able to point folks to some full length reviews about Dreams & Visions found elsewhere in cyberspace. Meanwhile here are a few comments from people reacting to my newest recording:

Arlen Salte – Awesome, awesome album. Richly ambient, album artwork that inspires, knock your face off playing (when appropriate), serious groove when it fits, great haunting vocals, smooth textures, great mix, deeply spiritual. . . . . well worth the wait.

Clint Uhrich – The compositions and performances are very, very rich, compelling, and beautiful. Dreams & Visions is really something.

Jeff JohnsonDreams & Visions is a great creative success on so many fronts. Hugh’s contributions are marvelous… and the other players are fantastic as well. The mix is excellent and the overall pace and sequence of the musical concepts really work well. I also loved the poetry and accompanying artwork.  So thoughtful and really, really well done.

Michel Lwamba – Dreams & Visions is a masterpiece… every time I listen to the album it takes me on a journey!