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Quite the review

Kirk Jordan is a creative sort from Arkansas, a photographer and poet, an articulate reviewer – which is how I came across his blog Wood Between the Worlds. I sent Kirk a copy of Dreams & Visions and hoped he would find it worthy of comment. He did, to say the least, and his review of Dreams & Visions is quite a creative work in and of itself. Check out the review here.

While you’re at it I would encourage you to also check out some of Kirk’s photography here.

One more Kirk site to peruse would be the one dedicated to his poetry.

Thanks Kirk for putting your response to my music into such vivid words.

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A Discovery of Doctors

In putting together some links for this website I realized that two friends and fellow musicians who played on Dreams & Visions have earned their Doctorates in Music!  Robert Howey, who plays clarinet and bass clarinet received his Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Arizona State University.  Dr. Howey is currently an instructor in the Fine Arts Department of Grande Prairie Regional College in Grande Prairie, Alberta.  Akira Murotani, who plays trumpet, received his Doctor of Musical Arts at State University of New York, Stony Brook. Dr. Murotani currently plays with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Here is a very old photo from a recording session for Intersecting Circles (1990) that shows all three of us – before they became Doctors!


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Coming Soon – Reviews

I am excited to say that very soon I will be able to point folks to some full length reviews about Dreams & Visions found elsewhere in cyberspace. Meanwhile here are a few comments from people reacting to my newest recording:

Arlen Salte – Awesome, awesome album. Richly ambient, album artwork that inspires, knock your face off playing (when appropriate), serious groove when it fits, great haunting vocals, smooth textures, great mix, deeply spiritual. . . . . well worth the wait.

Clint Uhrich – The compositions and performances are very, very rich, compelling, and beautiful. Dreams & Visions is really something.

Jeff JohnsonDreams & Visions is a great creative success on so many fronts. Hugh’s contributions are marvelous… and the other players are fantastic as well...

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Hello there

Welcome to this website. It will take a while to get all the things posted that I am hoping to share, but this is a start.

Coming soon will be pictures of musicians involved in Dreams & Visions, reviews of that new release, and stories from the various recording sessions that were part of that project.

I’m glad you are here, take some time to explore, and leave a comment – I’d be happy to hear from you.


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